Getting started: training and release of resources

Yes. Attendance at both sessions is essential for understanding and teaching the programme. The training will ensure that you understand the rationale behind the materials. This will better enable you to use the materials skilfully and flexibly. If you want to tweak and adapt things, you will find you can do this far better if you fully understand what the materials are designed to achieve. To make your attendance convenient for you, you do have some choices: Training Half-Day 1 is EITHER Tuesday 2 OR Friday 5 March Training Half-Day 2 is EITHER Friday 23 April OR Friday 7 May All training is 8.45am – 12.15pm. In the training, you will also meet the two friendly faces behind the materials – Christine and Steve. You will be able to ask them questions at the end, get to know them a bit, and feel comfortable raising questions with them thereafter.

You can, but only with the Year 3 materials!

We strongly recommend that you teach the material in sequence because each part makes the next part much more understandable. Numerous words that are explicitly taught and practised in Year 3 are taken for granted in the Year 4 lessons.

Many Year 4, especially those with weaker literacy, would be stumbling over a lot of vocabulary if they hadn’t done the Year 3 work. This would slow progress and limit enjoyment. You will be startled by how future Year 4s will fly with their reading and all the Year 4 tasks once they have done the Year 3 programme.

If you would like to get next year’s Year 4 a little bit ahead, however, you can start teaching them (as this year’s Year 3) during the summer term. We recommend that Year 3 teachers do this anyway, because it is a good way to practise teaching with the materials.

Current Year 3 teachers can therefore teach Year 3 Autumn 1 and Autumn 2 during this summer term, i.e. starting straight after Easter. This will also mean that Year 3 teachers and SLT get even more out Training Half-Day 2, because you will arrive at the training with some experience of actually teaching the programme.

We will release the Year 5 resources in January 2022.

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